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and i knew it was bad
when i woke up in the mornings
and the only thing i looked
forward to was going
back to bed

—poems from my uncle’s grave (via a-ngxr)

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  • Android user: My Galaxy S5 has 16 gb of RAM and a 16 megapixel camera. What does your shitty iPhone have?
  • iPhone user: Emojis
  • Android user: damn :/

Anonymous asked: that greedy bitch is your gf?? unfollowed. u should find someone who doesn't try to rip people off and endanger her followers



Well as a matter of fact she is my girlfriend,we have been best friends for the past 5 years and just recently she has become my girlfriend, but you don’t care about that. (Its 4 months today btw) But i still cannot believe that you guys are still giving her shit about those racist posts and her ads. First of all, she posted those racist posts when she was 12, I mean everyone has done something stupid when they were 12. But some fuckhead decided to find them and post them. You so called ‘followers’ then started fucking abusing her on the internet some of the messages you guys sent her, made me sick. She then apologised for what she did when she was 12, but you guys still couldn’t move the fuck on. Second of all, she is not the only person who posted those ads about 100k also did as well and when you have that many followers (over 1mil) of course your’e going to think about ads.So then she got her blog deleted and was gone but you still kept posting shit. They say people on tumblr are very accepting of everyone, that is bullshit you guys a just some greedy spoilt bitches who have nothing better to do with their day but to abuse young girls.

This message is not meant for everyone just the fucks who gave jess shit. 

thx boyf xoxoxo


"No sir, all THIRTEEN!"

Watch Peter Capaldi’s first scene as the Twelfth Doctor in ‘The Day of the Doctor’. (x)




remember that time in high school musical 2 when Troy got all jealous because Gabriella started hanging out with Ryan and he thought Ryan was moving in on her

and it was like


really troy





yeah if Troy had just taken a look at what was actually going on


he would have seen


who Ryan was actually interested in



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